Why take the road less travelled?

You want to be a Doctor? Great, here’s your path; go to university. Study for an obscene amount of years, graduate, work and… you’re a Doctor. You want to be a lawyer; rinse and repeat.

You want to be a writer. Snort.

Ok, so you could go to university and get a degree in professional writing… or literature… or the arts… or journalism… et al. Or you could sit at your computer and bang together a few hundred pages and try to get an agent to look at you. Or a publishing house. Or try publishing yourself.

Or you could try freelance writing, that’s easy to get into right?


No. No it’s not.

I’ve been researching the many websites out there that can help put writers and clients together; sites like Upwork, Freelance Australia  and Freelance-market and while they look easy to use, do they guarantee you success? How can one fledgling newbie stand-out amongst literally tens of thousands of other freelancers out there?

What do you think? Do these sites work? Are they worth tapping into? Or is a new freelancer best to try her own local networks and establish a client base that way? Please feel free to comment and share your insights into your own road towards freelance!


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