The Artist’s Corner

The artist I am impressed with in March is Rachel Daldry.

This South Australian professional artist is a designer, dancer/dance teacher and devoted family-woman. A self-confessed lover of nature and all things beautiful, Rachel paints bright pieces inspired by flora and fauna and attains a near photorealistic finish to her stunning works.

Rachel’s own description of her art –

“My artwork is about capturing the moments of simple beauty in our natural world… Nature that is beautiful, strong and bold. Bright alive and growing – the things we strive for in our lives, the things that make us feel fulfilled.”

Rachel’s artwork is a breath of fresh air and does indeed invite the viewer to take a moment out of their busy day to appreciate that which we see everyday but don’t truly see. Rachel’s artwork captures the miracle of life and majesty of the earth in gentle homage to the mistress of all creation, Mother Nature herself.


I strongly recommend visiting Rachel’s online studio, Rachel Daldry Artist, to browse her artwork, commission a piece or view her incredible time lapse videos of her art being created.

*Are you an artist? Would you like to feature in the Artist’s Corner? Regardless whether you are a painter, sculptor, writer or dancer, contact me to have a feature booked in the Artist’s Corner. 

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