Writing; why you should just do it!

Writing for yourself can be immensely satisfying and liberating; you can write indie fiction, fanfiction or play in a genre that is simply unpopular in today’s world.

However writing for business can also be satisfying; collaborating with a client to realise their vision, meeting a deadline and feeling elated, and experiencing that truly indescribable feeling when you get paid for the very first time for writing.

This happened to me fairly recently.

I have long wanted to write professionally (the seven year old me would’ve proudly declared she was going to be a writer don’t you know), but work, responsibilities and ‘real life’ got in the way. Writing (and I’m talking in the 80’s and 90’s now) was a pipe-dream that required more luck to break into than finding a unicorn in a four-leaf clover field on February 29th.

But with the birth of eBooks and online publishing, writing has been given the same playing field as most other careers; that is to say, access to a ready-to-read audience via a competitive market and a sound business model. Luck – to some extent – has been removed from the equation.

After suffering crippling anxiety and depression, coupled with paralysing introversion, I decided to give this ‘writing thing’ another chance. Another day ‘living to work’ was simply not an option.

A blog and profile on Upwork later, I am now accepting paying writing gigs as well as planning to release my own novel series on Kindle Direct Publishing within the next month.

Does it mean sitting in front of my computer tapping away furiously when I’m exhausted after my day job? Well, yes. But does it mean the first steps towards a full-time writing career in the near future? Let’s just say there’s a better chance of this than ever before!

*Have your own story about getting started? Words of wisdom to pass on to new writers? Please Comment, Like and Share. 

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3 thoughts on “Writing; why you should just do it!

    1. Use with caution. You need to dig deep to find the jobs that are worth doing otherwise at the end of the day you’ll realise you spent seven hours working for $6.50 an hour! Personal experience on that one!

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