What Pad?

Is Wattpad a platform worth pursuing?

So I’m new to WordPress, freelance writing via websites like Upwork, and self-publishing via KDP. These are all concepts I’m about to leap into (or have leapt into already) in order to see my dream come to fruition, and I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the dream to you…

Today through a series of random events, I stumbled upon a platform called Wattpad. Now, this platform is apparently big mojo and has been around for quite some time. Apparently I’ve just been living under a rock (hey, I am Australian after all).


I did my research, read and read and read and… can’t figure out if this is something worth looking into.

I’m finding some reviews and comments screaming not to go near Wattpad unless you’re a thirteen year old girl in love with sparkly vampires. But there have been other reviews that proclaim a writer can get a near cult following, millions of ‘reads’ and the dangling hook of publishers ready to sign these writers up with a squeal worthy of a fan girl.

So I ask you, intrepid and knowledgeable elders-of-the-internet, should the aspiring writer give a few books away on Wattpad in the hopes of notoriety? Or should she stay well clear of it?

I’d love to hear from you on this!

16 thoughts on “What Pad?

  1. I think it depends! If your main goal in writing is to GET PUBLISHED (and maybe make money?), then I would say don’t put stuff on Wattpad. But if your main goal in writing is simply to GET READERS, then I would say Wattpad is worth looking into. (I say this as someone who is neither published nor on Wattpad – just a disclaimer.)


  2. My suggestion is to take some time and study the dynamics of Wattpad. Get an idea of what gets published on it, and who actually reads the stuff.
    I did it a few years back and I found out it was not suited to my approach to writing.
    My personal assessment was:
    . pros – huge number of potential readers, ease of access.
    . cons – very amateur-oriented, and considering how hard it is to be taken seriously especially when one writes genre fiction (as I do), hanging out in a place filled with amateurs might not be a good start 🙂
    But as they say, your mileage might vary.

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  3. I wrote on Wattpad for three years, and it was a big waste of time. Here are the pros and cons I found on the website:

    – You have the potential to get readers.


    – The website doesn’t care about quality stories. In fact, I think the worse you write, the more the site will support you.

    – The readers there just want free stories. VERY FEW READERS will support the writer past getting free content. Once you want to sell your book, basically no readers will support you.

    – The writers there are some of the worse people I’ve ever met. All they care about is reads and votes.

    – Most of the popular writers think they know everything.

    Honestly, the website as more cons than pros. If you are serious about your craft, then I wouldn’t waste your time with Wattpad. The site is only suitable for posting up stories you experiment with.

    That’s just how I feel, though.


    1. Thanks so much for your feedback and honesty with your own experience. I did try uploading chapter one of a fanfic piece I wrote a few years back. It’s received a grand total of zero views so I kind of called that ‘experiment failed’. I think what you’ve said has just cemented that fact! Plus, I was quite put off my the book covers for those that are ‘popular’; think lusty, big bosomed women draped of Herculean men. Seems only romance stories get interest (which is SO not my genre)! Thanks again.

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      1. You’re welcome; I’m glad to help! Yeah, I don’t view it as a place for serious writers. I hope you find a website that works for you though =)

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  4. I typed in KDP and Scout on your search and it didn’t return any posts speaking about those platforms. Do you have any on your site that describe your experience with them or what they are?

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  5. Wattpad is fine. You will get out of it as much as you put into it. Yes some genres are more popular than others but that is not the fault of the app. The readers make all the decisions just like they do in the real world. Because Wattpad does not care about the quality of the writing is probably one of the most honest things about it. It doesn’t get involved. You will find some of the worst writing on the planet on Wattpad and maybe millions will love it. And you may find some brilliant writers that aren’t nearly that popular there. If you really want to see what readers think about your writing Wattpad is one of the places you can go. If you don’t get any reads it is probably your fault. Readers have many thousands of writers to choose from and you have to do the right things to stand out. There are many ways to get seen on Wattpad just as there are many things you would need to do in the real word of writing to get noticed. I will be the first guy in line to tell you their are problems with the site just like anywhere else. But if you can’t get people to read you then you are doing something wrong. If kids can do it so can you.

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