The Outcast’s Bloghouse; no cool-kids allowed!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll remember my recent post The Social Outcasts of WordPress. This was my response to Millie Schmidt’s lovely homage post, The Cool Kids of WordPress. 

Millie’s post was a way of paying tribute and homage to the heavyweights of our community who have done the hard yards and gained thousands of followers. My post was a tongue-in-cheek, lament at being one of the ‘lightweights’ on WP with very few followers and a shocking Napoleon complex. 


Imagine my surprise then when ‘Social Outcasts’ resonated with some of you and I found myself surrounded by fellow outcasts eager to say hi, can we play with you? 

So now, being the delinquent despot that I am, I’d like to invite all of the social outcasts of WordPress to “introduce themselves to the world”. Okay, not quite the world but 112 people who follow my blog. I invite you, my outcast friends, to join the Outcast’s Bloghouse. 

What’s the secret knock you ask? Are there any club dues? Can I be the treasurer? 

Let me explain. Once a week I will feature your full bio piece on my blog and welcome you into the Outcast’s Bloghouse. I will assign you a title within the club for you to treasure and lord over all whom you have contact with. And no, CEO is already taken (I am and always will be the Childish Evil Overlord). 

Why do this? Why not?

What do you get out of it? My vast, vast audience… okay,  maybe not so vast. How about a plate of cookies instead with the promise of guest posts, themed writing prompts and other good stuff  later on. 


What’s that? Can you join the Bloghouse if you have 20,000 followers? No! Go start your own club. Nah, of course you can! All clubhouses need a nerd to make fun of! We’ll just call you Vern… 


Not sure what to put in your bio? Check out mine here as the first inaugural member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse. 

See you behind the shelter sheds fellow Outcasts! 

– The Outcast’s Bloghouse CEO, (Childish Evil Overlord)

43 thoughts on “The Outcast’s Bloghouse; no cool-kids allowed!

  1. I feel honoured to a) be mentioned and b) have indirectly inspired you to create the Outcasts Bloghouse (and of course I’m crediting myself as inspiration because I’m such a nob sometimes – but it’s something that I’m working on!) Anyway, I LOVE it. Has a ring to it. For some reason it makes me think of ‘Outhouse’ which I think it is terribly appropriate in this situation

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  2. Great concept! I’m intrigued…
    I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks and anticipate serious jet lag for our trip home soon. Added to that will be the usual settling back into normal life…
    So, I’ll hang back for a while and jump on your Bloghouse Bandwagon in a few weeks time 😊. Thanks for the invite.

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  3. Hello! I am new here and only have a few followers. I possibly think a little too highly of myself to succumb to the word “outcast” … πŸ˜‚ But a feminist tried to tell me off in one of my first posts so…that has to count for something! Good luck in all 😊 and I will be sending my bio (when I wade out of the sea of dirty nappies, toy boxes and saucepans and write one.) X

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  4. Hi! Can I join? An outcast blogger group sounds like exactly the right group for me. Plus I can’t wait to fill my circle with other outcasts. We can stare awkwardly at each other without quite knowing what to say, before bursting into a harangue about zombie ants. But we’ll be in it together.

    Bio can be found on my bio page. It’s pretty great. I made up some hilarious 5-star reviews that descend into 1-star reviews. There may or may not be kidnapping involved. As far as reviews go, it’s pretty exciting.

    (Imma tinker even more with the page this weekend though).

    PS – zombie ants are totally a thing. For realsies.

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