Guns of Perdition- update

So life and time have a way of being distinctly unfriendly to writers. I have had lots of life and very little time which means not much progress on Guns of Perdition.

I am now resolved to write 2.5k words per day until I finish. Maybe a commitment like this will keep me on track!

I do now have an editor in mind to approach when the time comes and at least three Beta readers lined up. Still trying to decide how to obtain cover art, and the best self-publishing mode du jour. thoughts, hints, suggestions most welcome.

Anyway, here’s a small excerpt from my work in progress novel, Guns of Perdition.

He could see Ina nearing the hitching post and knew she’d surely take a horse and ride off into the night if she got there unchecked. He itched to take off after her when he noticed something emerge from the shadows behind her. It slunk like a guilty thought through the night, gently padding after the fleeing saloon girl. The shadow picked up the pace and began loping after her.

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