INFJ Problems – X-ray Vision

Hi, I’m an INFJ and don’t lie to me.

Why is that you ask? Why because INFJs have mastered X-ray vision. With an almost preternatural sense of intuition, coupled with super-strong empathic skills, INFJs only take a few seconds on first meeting someone to know who they are… really. We see behind the mask and more often than not, five minutes into a meeting with a total stranger, said stranger will be spilling his life’s secrets (and receiving a piece of the INFJ in the process).

We don’t mean to do this. It’s much like our intensity. It’s not something we can control. We simply see the things not meant to be seen; your fatigued eyes, your tense shoulders, the way your fingers constantly dance with anxiety. And once seen, we can’t let it go. We see you are tired and anxious. We want to help. So in our gentle way of probing we make it easy for you to spill… a genuine smile, a slight encourager, a paraphrase at just the right time.

So you see, our powers of detection are never truly “off” because they’re almost out of our control.

This is why I implore you, if you ever meet an INFJ and you have something awkward or unpleasant to tell them, just do it.


Don’t lie… they’ll know you have and then you’ll be in a whole world of hurt.

*If you’d like to know more about INFJs or the Myers Briggs Personality Types follow this link

11 thoughts on “INFJ Problems – X-ray Vision

  1. I’m an INFJ too, so I notice quite a bit of body language! My mind doesn’t quite understand until I’ve had time to think about it, but I can usually “feel” it. There was once a foreigner came to my table while I was eating alone at a coffee shop, and while my mind was slowly processing whatever the guy was telling (“Oh, I got injured but I don’t have money for medicine, look at my bandage (that is unwrapped for you to see), it really hurts”), I was getting the whole “I’M HERE TO CON YOU OF YOUR MONEH!” feeling from him. 😅

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      1. Haha, yes, I found out there are loads of INFJ people online after starting my blog. 😝
        And yep, I told the to go to his embassy. I haven’t been conned before, so that accounts for something. 😃

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  2. Truth. (As in I’m agreeing with this post and also as in cool word-cloud trick there.)
    Intense. Empathetic. Powers of detection never (ever) off. Something like that. It’s exhausting being an INFJ. Just saying. Peace out, fellow Buffy fan.

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  3. ah it’s so good to know that others feel the same way – I always feel like I’m noticing too much and then I can’t “unforget” it and I start imagining what people’s lives are behind the mask and then I can’t get out of it and wow what am I like😂

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