INFJ Problems – INFJ Door Slam

Hi, I’m an INFJ, the warmest, most empathetic soul you’ll ever meet… unless you hurt me.

When INFJs are hurt, betrayed or wounded we usually forgive –  not forget – but forgive. Try it again and you may be forgiven again. But try it on a third time and you’ll be on the end of the INFJ door slam.



The INFJ door slam is the INFJ cutting you completely out of their life. They do not shut the door on you in anger and peek out the curtains to see if you’re upset by the slamming door. No, the INFJ slams the door and walks away. And she will never open it again. You see, the INFJ isn’t slamming the door out of anger or spite… the INFJ quite simply; Does. Not. Care. About. You. Anymore.



You may try to reopen the door. You’ll get courteous congeniality and access to the front door stoop if you’re lucky. But you will never get back inside. The INFJ just doesn’t care enough to reopen the door for you.



Don’t fret about having the INFJ in your life get to the point where she slams the door on you. It’s rare. I’ve only slammed the door once in my life. However, that person may as well be dead to me for the amount of f**ks I give about him. I don’t wish him ill, I don’t want him dead… I just don’t give a good god damn about him.

And that is the INFJ door slam.

18 thoughts on “INFJ Problems – INFJ Door Slam

  1. I definitely get this! I’m usually quite nice unless someone really steps on my tail. Like that persistent credit card guy at the mall who won’t take no for an answer. 😅

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      1. It’s so hard. I’ve slammed it on the rest of my family, I don’t have anything left to give any of them. But I feel a huge sense of responsibility for my mother (narcissistic) still, just because she is my mother. My dad passed nearly 4 years ago and without him there it feels like I should look after her.

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