The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Ellen Hawley

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is the NYC born and raised expat now living in sunny Cornwall UK, Ellen Hawley.


I just love this photo!

Ellen takes a unique and pointed look at a country and culture alien to her native America in her insightful, and oftentimes downright hilarious blog, Notes From the UK. Ellen calls this;

“Exploring the spidery corners of a culture and the weird stuff that tourist brochures ignore.”

Regarding all things Ellen, she is the first to admit she’s often baffled and absurdly entertained by the differences between cultures.

“It’s an odd thing, living in a culture you didn’t grow up in, and my focus is heavily on its oddities.”

Aside from taking a look at the bizarre differences in cultures [like the proper etiquette of eating scones, jam and cream in UK vs USA], Ellen is also a prolific fiction writer with three titles under her belt;


(The Divorce DietKensington Books; Open LineCoffee House Press; and Trip SheetsMilkweed Editions).

Showing a depth of character most of us aspire to but few attain, Ellen has also worked as an editor, copy editor, cab driver, radio talk show host, janitor, assembler, waitress, and (very, very briefly) file clerk. Ellen also spent four fun-filled hours as a receptionist and has taught fiction writing.

A stumbling city soul finding her way in a brave new world, I dub Ellen Hawley a member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse and Official Guide Through The Oddities Of Life Abroad.

Also, I can now award each bloghouse member with their very own Outcast’s Bloghouse logo to display on their own blog (care of the very gorgeous Millie Schmidt! )

Outcast's Bloghouse.png

13 thoughts on “The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Ellen Hawley

  1. Imagine my surprise at opening my email and finding myself looking back at me. In fact, I’m not sure which of us–me or me–was more surprised.

    Anyway, we’re honored, both of us, to be part of this august company and to have a handsome logo that looks very much like a bottlecap (remember bottlecaps? damn, I am getting old) to display on my blog. I’m unlikely to actually display it since the mechanics of getting it there would take me beyond the limits of my patience, but I appreciate it all the same.

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  2. I can’t wait to check out Ellen’s blog. Granted I am an American who only did one semester of college (or one term of uni) in England but I love reading about the differences.

    And I would love to be considered for the outcast bloghouse!

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