A nip and a tuck

So, keen-eyed followers might notice something different about Jessica Bakkers dot com today. Yes, I’ve gone and changed my theme and overhauled some content. This includes a shiny new section for short stories (featuring two stories, one of which has never been posted on this blog before!) as well as…

…a whole PAGE devoted to my upcoming novel “Guns of Perdition”.

Why have I done this crazy thing? Because I have made contact with a cover art team and have the ‘Guns’ cover art coming on December 7th! It’s a done deal now. No turning back. Also, you’ll find a truly fabulous blurb written about “Guns of Perdition”. No, I’m not being highly conceited; it’s truly fabulous because I had massive help writing it from the extremely talented wordsmith, Adam of Write Thoughts. If you haven’t been to check out his blog yet, then get on over and if you enjoy the blurb about ‘Guns’, be sure to let Adam know!

And in yet more news from this corner of the world, I will be taking part in Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge this week (the image is so juicy!) so keep an eye out for my post, Derelict, later this weekend.

Hope you enjoy the renovated site!

16 thoughts on “A nip and a tuck

  1. Looks good over here, Jess. This theme is lovely, clean, and professional. (I have to change mine, but I’m terrified to hit the button and have everything explode – Technology and I don’t get along at all). Lots of excitement happening in your writing life! I’m looking forward to seeing the roll-out of your book! I’m off to browse your site. 🙂

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