Dark inspiration 

I find writing inspiration in the oddest things.

http://knightofleo.tumblr.com    /post/127978319933/seb-mckinnon-rite-of-the-serpent-hubris






18 thoughts on “Dark inspiration 

  1. It would definitely be interesting to see what you come up with, Jessica! I wrote a short story, still working on the finishing details actually, that was inspired by my son. He was complaining that I was going on and on, way too much about this shampoo. My friends were all buying it, it’s a direct seller thing so everyone was trying to get everyone on board. All he said was, ‘imagine if they found out that your shampoo had some kind of mind control.” Well, that was it! He certainly regrets saying it because it’s a kind of ‘out there’ idea but I am having fun with it 😉

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  2. Those are so amazingly weird. The third one reminds me of the aliens in Stephen King’s, The Fog. The second one whispers folklore and urban legend to me. Of them all, that’s the one that speaks to me the loudest.

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