Guest author: Jessica Bakkers – A work in progress…

See Sue Vincent’s wonderful shout out / intro post about yours truly here!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Sue Vincent has very kindly asked me to write a piece for her site to introduce myself to WordPress. As a relatively newcomer to WP, I am staggered by the incredible kindness and welcoming warmth of the WP community and I thank Sue deeply for her invite.

Without any further to-do, I give you a glimpse into my life.

Considering what some folk out there endured, my childhood was rather normal. I grew up in rural Victoria, Australia with my mum, dad, brother, two cats and a dog. That said, there were notable differences between my childhood and a normal childhood. Where my friends listened to Take That and East 17, I listened to Pink Floyd and Nice Cave. My friends played sports and had ‘makeover’ sleepovers. I read Stephen King and wrote dark poetry. My friends watched Neighbours and Friends. I watched the X-Files and American Gothic. My point…

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