The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Sunny Lanning

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is WordPress’s own little ray of sunshine, Sunny Lanning.


Is this Sunny? Not telling!

Our lovely sunshine blogger and owner of Sincerely, Sunny is a Californian native, writer, reader and self-confessed cosplay fan. Sunny’s blog contains her reviews on the books she’s read (with links back to GoodReads so you can get your hands on the same content), as well as musings, poetry and short fiction from the lady herself.

Sunny’s brand of fantasy fiction comes in the form of entries in her diary. You imbibe the Dear diary… and read on getting lost in a mixture of musing, humorous commentary, memoirs and potent poetry. And usually a sprinkling of shots of Pirate, the One-Eyed cat.


See more Pirate pics on Sunny’s Instagram account!

Some of Sunny’s most memorable posts include her Chicks, Cliques and Hicks Series, 10 Bad Ass Mothers of Sci-fi (put out for Mother’s Day!)  and A Super Date, where keen-eyed readers will see a tumble of blonde locks spilling down a spunky outfitted lass.

A reader, writer and commentator on love and life, I dub Sunny Lanning, a member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse and Sunshine Spreading Pirate Wrangler. 

Welcome Sunny and here’s you very own Outcast’s Bloghouse logo to display on your blog (care of the very gorgeous Millie Schmidt! )

Outcast's Bloghouse.png

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