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  1. Recipes!
    I have no gift for cooking, but I do believe in being capable.

    Of course most of mine are meat marinades or imitation appetizers. Lately I’ve been really getting into Wanton Skins, which strangely are not from the rarely seen Wanton, but are in fact essentially a thin pasta dough type sheet that you can use to wrap up just about any bite sized morsel. If it’s in contact with a sauce it bakes soft like the inside of a pizza, while thin edges left out become as brittle as…thin pizza crust.

    Yeah, the first recipe I found for them was pizza cups. Pretty simple too: take a muffin cup, add 1 skin, one dollop of pizza sauce, some mozarella, then repeat for a two layer. Bake at about 350 for 20 minutes, and enjoy.
    Next time I think I’ll try rolling them up with some kind of meat or veggie in a thick flavorful paste. I feel like with a little coloring they could be themed for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

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