A dog of a post

When it’s late at night and I’m lacking the words for a proper post, all I can offer are dogs. 

I should explain a few things. 

Yes, these are my dogs. They are Chinese crested hairless. Yes, they get cold. No, they don’t wear jumpers (they hate them). Instead they live inside, usually in sunbeams, and are the most ridiculously spoilt girls in the world. The white one is Shilo, the black one is Holly.

Yes, Holly had a bandage over her entire face in one shot. She had glaucoma and had both eyes removed over a two year period. Yes, that means she is totally blind. No, it hasn’t slowed her down. No, they’re not pups; they’re 17 in November. 

Yes they are spunky troublemakers with big personalities.

Yes, they are my babies.

22 thoughts on “A dog of a post

  1. Dogs (I guess all pets, but I only have dogs) are family. Our dogs call me and hubby “mom” and “dad” and I refer to my human kids as their siblings. I’m firmly convinced our older dog thinks he’s human and the younger dog is his pet.

    Love the photos!

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