What Is a Novel?

REBLOGGING Alexander’s interesting post about just what IS a novel. What do you think a novel is? A collection of words and chapters that tell a tale? Or a look into someone else’s very life?

Notes from An Alien

The question that forms the title of this post may seem simple to answer; yet, is it?

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I can imagine a few answers from certain folks:


“A thick book with a story in it.”

“A continuous narrative of at least 50,000 words.”

“What a dumb question—everybody knows what a novel is.”


The only problem is that many novelists would disagree with those answers; and, many other answers to the question.

Ursula K. Le Guin, in her book, Words Are My Matter, said this:

“Readers, I think, are often led astray by the widespread belief that a novel springs from a single originating ‘idea’, and then are kept astray by the critical practice of discussing fiction as completely accessible to intellect, a rational presentation of ideas by means of an essentially ornamental narrative.”

The “ornamental narrative” of that quote…

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8 thoughts on “What Is a Novel?

  1. We’re taught word count for short stories/novellas/novels, and we’re taught construction techniques and definitions for things like premise and theme. No one ever really says what exactly a novel is, though. Just how to make one.

    I guess to me, a novel is at least 50,000 words, is a made-up story, has a character arc (positive or negative) and a point to the plot. (No reason to show a journey if there’s nothing gained at the end.) I suppose everything else is just cheese. (People say gravy, icing, or cherries on top, but seriously, isn’t everything better with cheese?)

    What about you, Jess? You didn’t leave your opinion.

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    1. I think it very much is a journey and sadly some I’ve read don’t have a point to the plot! It definitely helps though. I’m a bit more fluid in my definition of a novel re structure and word count; I consider The Gunslinger to be an entire novel and it’s soooo tiny (probably should be called a novella). But the journey of that particular book is travelled and the point met so it feels like a whole novel. Ugh, sorry Staci. I’m rambling tonight! Brain is fried from a day at work.

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      1. I don’t think it should matter. Story is story. Either it’s good or it’s not. Even though I feel I get more value for the dollar (and more emotional investment for my time) when I read a novel or series (rather than a novella or short story), I’d rather read a phenomenal novella than a so-so epic saga. Given your passion for The Gunslinger, I have no doubt you’ve got one heck of a story there, regardless of length.

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      2. Don’t worry about the word count. Just write your amazing story. The rest will sort itself out. (Unless you go with a publisher who requires a specific word count. But that’s a different post…)

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