Published Short Story – Just a Human-Tale

Longshot Island, an online and printed magazine, have picked up one of my short stories for online publication! 

The good folk at Longshot Island have opted to print Just a Human-Tale on their online site, and you dear followers, can view it right here! This is a brand new, never before seen Jessica Bakkers original, and quite unlike anything else I’ve ever written. 

While you’re over at the Island, check out some of the other authors and their various works (stories, poetry, vignettes and non-fiction), and for my fellow followers who are writers, why not submit something of your own? 

25 thoughts on “Published Short Story – Just a Human-Tale

  1. Congratulations. It’s definitely a fun, light-hearted story. The reversal is amusing, though sometimes a little rigid.
    I like the theme; any place can seem like a wondrous place, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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    1. The conceit that a character “must” be wicked and cruel, despite their nature, is an interesting touch, though it makes me wonder how being wicked earns income, or who the character is answerable to. Still, it’s certainly a nice touch.


  2. Jess, that’s a wonderfully clever story and highly inventive. I especially liked the “wicked” stepmother learning to be wicked ๐Ÿ™‚

    I tried to leave a comment for you on the site but it kept coming up “blocked as a suspected bot”—I never had that error message before!

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  3. What an inventive and creative world you created. I really enjoyed the story. Couldn’t leave a comment there, but I did share the post via tweet.

    You might need to give up your title. This story wasn’t too dark. It was funny and sweet. Congratulations.

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