INFJ Problems – Vulnerability 

Hi. I’m an INFJ… and I’m as vulnerable as a dune bug in a hurricane.

Why are INFJs particularly vulnerable? It’s because we’re m&m’s at heart; hard outer coating, and a soft gooey inside. And like m&m’s, our outer coating doesn’t take much to crack and reveal the soft vulnerable inside.

We’re vulnerable inside because of the near continual internal conflict that rages within, the need for perfection in everything we do, and by being an old, tired soul living in a harsh, cruel world.

Being ‘Intuitive’, we see everything; all the bad, all the good. Being ‘Feeling’ we take all that to heart, and being ‘Judging’ we have an overwhelming desire to do something to fix all the bad; an insurmountable task that leaves us vulnerable to anguish, angst and agony.

A complicated ‘Type’, the INFJ usually faces a daily battle to juggle her need to ‘do good’, with her desire to introvert and hide away from the ugliness of the world. When an INFJ is happy and her calling is satisfied, she can do great good and achieve amazing things.

However, when the INFJ’s inner needs aren’t met, she becomes an open sore of vulnerability ready for depression and anxiety to creep in and overwhelm her.

Yet despite all this, INFJs are fiercely proud of their rare ‘Type Indicator’, and most wouldn’t trade the pain and vulnerability of being an INFJ to be a blissful ESFP, who wanders through life without a care in the world. INFJs will take the pain and vulnerability in order to do the Great Thing they were put on this earth to do because deep at heart, most IFNJs are the ultimate martyr.

I know I am.


If you’d like to know more about INFJs or the Myers-Briggs Types Indicator follow this link

26 thoughts on “INFJ Problems – Vulnerability 

  1. I’m just so many of those things Jessica but how much a martyr I don’t know. Reclusive is a definite. I’m INFJ-Tand I think the T may be to do with their suggestion I should be a diplomat?
    Personality type: “The Advocate” (INFJ-T)
    Individual traits: Introverted – 100%, Intuitive – 80%, Feeling – 88%, Judging – 76%, Turbulent – 82%
    Role: Diplomat
    Strategy: Constant Improvement
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. I love the Spock cartoon!
    I don’t know that the martyr part fits me so much, but internal conflict and being an old tired soul is a definite fit. Sometimes I’m envious of those who can ramble through life oblivious and never internalize!

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    1. My in-laws are like your latter analogy. They wander through life taking everything at face value. And they’re at utter peace with the world. Me, I think far too much and am in a constant state of upheaval and nervous energy.

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  3. As an INFJ kid, I had terrible time since I would always take things personally and feel everything deeply. But as I grew up, realised that I need to take the control of my emotions and now with practice , I see things objectively and logically. I stay happy most of the times now 😊

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  4. I don’t know, Jess. I think I might want to try being an ESFP for a day. It would be nice to go through life happy and carefree. At least for 24 hours. I might actually get a good night’s sleep!

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  5. Few things offer the same comfort and reassurance as the realization that you’re not wrong, or alone. This is who we are, and while we may feel weak, it is not a weakness to be this way.
    Thank you again, for being so open and generous.

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  6. Haha, that dune bug metaphor put a funny image in my mind, like “Squeeee!” goes the dune bug as its being rolled around like a tumbleweed. 😆

    And awesome post as always! This describes me so well; I always cry at those touching scenes at movies. 😆

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