Thankful Thursdays

In an attempt to self-actualise and fight anxiety and depression I have decided to regularly post about something I am thankful for. This might be something small like chocolate or something on a far larger scale, like sunshine. 

Join me (or don’t) and comment on your own ‘thankful things’ in the comments section below! 

Thankful Things

This week I am thankful for rain, Red Skins and text messaging.



I love the rain. Pluviophile I believe is the term for someone who loves the rain. I love the rain because it gives me an excuse to be inside. I love the rain because it makes everything lush and green. I love the rain because here in Victoria a few years ago we had a drought and had water restrictions were placed upon us. I’m thankful that the rains came back and water restrictions became a thing of the past because if there’s one thing I love more than the rain… it’s a long hot shower!

Allen’s Red Skins


I don’t know if these are Australian only or worldwide candy but Red Skins are a type of hard candy that are the absolute BEST. I love these lollies and am quite capable of eating an entire bag full in under a couple of hours. I’m thankful for the person who invented this particular candy and it makes me smile every time I even catch a whiff of that raspberry goodness.

Text Messaging


This is one I am massively thankful for. Whoever decided that there was a way to communicate with others that didn’t involve actual vocal speech is a genius. As an INFJ who’s massively introverted, I hate talking on the phone. So when text messaging came along and gave me the opportunity to use carefully thought out words instead of spur-of-the-moment tongue garble I was one happy camper. Nowadays I’m so thankful for text messaging I resent when the phone actually RINGS.


What about you? What are you thankful for? 

26 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Love it! I’ve never heard of Red Skins candy. If I see it in one of those novelty treat shops I’ll have to get some!

    I love the rain, too. You can write guilt free. Sunny days make me feel like I should be doing something outside.


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  2. I’ve never heard of Red Skins candy but they sound nice. If they came to America, they would probably changed the name out of fear of insulting Native Americans. I don’t love the rain but I see the need and am glad for you that Victoria is out of its drought. I only dislike the rain when it interferes with something I plan to do outdoors. Like next week when I take my wife and two of our granddaughters to Newcastle. Don’t want it to rain then. Happy Thankful Thursday Jess!

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  3. Now I want a big bag of Red Skins, that I never knew existed.
    And I second the motion about rain, too!
    There’s a few things we can be thankful for – we only have to remind ourselves of them 😉

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  4. Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience!! I am thankful to god for giving everything for a good life with loveable surroundings!! Life is always going to be with ups and downs but I am glad I face all moments together with my family and wonderful friends

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  5. I don’t know what red skins are, but I also love rain and texting… provided I don’t have a lot to say. If I have to have a lengthy conversation, I don’t want to have to type it out with my thumbs. But to relay a message? So convenient.

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  6. Hi Jess! I like this piece and I’m sending positive vibes and big hugs your way! 🙂 I love the rain too!! Living in Oregon for so many years, I lived in an area where it rained a LOT. I never thought I would miss the rain, but I do. Living in Texas now, we don’t get nearly as much rain. The rain is like a wash for Everything. The whole world smells clean again. I love the smell of rain. On a warm day, I can take my little dog for a walk in it, (he loves it) or it’s a great excuse to curl up on the couch with a good book! Either way, rain is a beautiful thing!
    Oh, I like texting too. 🙂

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  7. Like many people here, I’ve never heard of red skins candy but, out of curiosity, looked them up on Amazon. They sell them (is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell?).

    I’m a huge fan of texting, and I love writing on a rainy day!

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  8. I too love the rain!! I am from Texas also, and rain can be pretty scarce at times. When it does rain, I am absolutely giddy….it is a BEAUTIFUL thing that fills my spirit. And the smell….nothing like it. I am thankful for sleep, good sleep that is. Getting up in the morning after a restful sleep is refreshing and exciting for me. I’m energized and ready for the day!

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    1. Oh boy, that’s a good one – sleep. I’m SO thankful for the nights I happen to have a good sleep (which are few and far between). When they do happen though, they’re like a gift!


  9. I love the rain too! Especially in the wee hours of the morning when it’s dark and cool outside, it’s really nice to go back to sleep listening to the soothing sound. 🌧
    Especially when I don’t have to go out and do outdoorsy stuff!

    I haven’t heard of Red Skins, so I’d take a wild guess and say it’s one of those raspberry-flavoured candy that you suck until it disappears and turn your tongue red. 😆

    And yes to text messaging! I dunno how I’d survive without it. 📱

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