Thankful Thursdays

In an attempt to self-actualise and fight anxiety and depression I have decided to regularly post about something I am thankful for. This might be something small like chocolate or something on a far larger scale, like sunshine. 

Join me (or don’t) and comment on your own ‘thankful things’ in the comments section below! 

Thankful Things

This week I am thankful for my tea, dog groomers and music.



Shortly after my gallbladder operation, I was presented with a cup of black gold – that’s coffee to those of you who don’t know. I sniffed my delicious old friend… and nearly vomited. My once most beloved partner had become an enemy. Fearing life without caffeine I turned in desperation to its poor cousin; tea. What surprise when I discovered I actually really enjoyed the humble cup of tea. In fact, I hadn’t enjoyed a hot drink as much in years. Now I truly look forward to a cup of tea to get me through the morning, charge me up for the afternoon dirge or warm me up before bed. I’m thankful for the humble cup of tea… maybe I should be thankful for the operation for making me realise how much I enjoy tea!

Dog Groomers


Once upon a time my husband and I used to waste a whole weekend every 6 – 8 weeks fighting with our dogs to try and clip them. This involved sweat, tears, blood and errant hairs getting all down my bra for days on end. To say I hated this job is an understatement. I loathed this job and what’s more, my dogs didn’t think much of me and hubby as groomers either. About three years ago we decided to outsource this particular task to a professional dog groomer… and have never looked back. The utter bliss of dropping off my stinky, hairy mutts and getting back some clipped, pampered princesses is something I could never describe. I am so, so, so thankful for dog groomers. 



Music is a massive part of my life. One of my four tattoos is a six-inch piece declaring my love of music. Music moves me, soothes me, lifts me up, pulls me down, takes me away and brings me into the here-and-now. I love a lot of different styles; country, bluegrass, rock, blues, folk, whatever the hell Pink Floyd is, crooners, fifties……. Without music in my life there would be a huge gaping hole, my writing would suffer and car trips would become utter hell. On the plus side, without music, my husband would be thankful in the car… he wouldn’t have to hear me sing! I’m thankful to every one of those talented artists out there who create audible beauty.


What about you? What are you thankful for? 

30 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I’m thankful for GHD hair irons. After struggling to bind my Hermione-esque hair in buns and braids all through the 90s, and resorting to cropping it all off in the early 2000s, it’s a daily relief to be able to flatten out this unruly mop.

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  2. Three more wonderful things to be thankful for!

    I love tea, especially peppermint tea for when I have a bloated stomach. I’m on the flip side of your situation, however; I loved all kinds of tea disliked the bitterness of coffee (but I love the aroma), until my Chinese doctor banned me from black / green tea because of my constitution. Since then Ive learned to enjoy cappuccino and latte, but I have a long way to go before black coffee. ☕️
    Also, hope you’re recovering well from the surgery. ❤️

    The horror of grooming a dog is one reason I don’t have one! But I’ve watched my mum struggle with the family dog (okay, so it was a small dog, a Shih-Tze, but it was a horror nonetheless!) for years and am thankful for dog groomers too. 🐶

    And yes, music! What am I going to do without some music to brighten up my life? 🎼🎧🎹

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    1. WOW! I didn’t know anyone could be banned from TEA! I miss coffee, I really do, but like you, I wasn’t all that keen on bitter coffee. It had to be loaded up with sweetner. And milk. Maybe I AM better off on tea!

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  3. Tea trumps coffee 🙂 Have you tried chai? It’s Indian and amazing. They serve it in Starbucks.

    I think it’s a great step towards living a better life with or without depression, Jess. I should do that exercise more often.

    This week I’m grateful for my cousin, who has invited me to join her rollerblading squad. I can’t wait to recycle this skill ☺

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  4. I’m thankful I have such a great relationship with my mom.
    I’m thankful for the existence of so many books to read (even though the thought that I could never read every single one in my lifetime does cause some sadness, haha)
    I am thankful for good friends and sunny days.

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    1. Yay! Someone else who experiences the tea thing! Bullies are great when it comes to hair, though I remember our cross used to smell something awful without a regular bath! That could’ve been the terrier in her though.

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  5. I was a tea drinker for many years and then Keurig came on the scene and I got hooked on coffee (my favorites are the flavored ones). That said, I still love tea (herbal) and drink it every so often for a change of pace. I’m thankful for both.

    And although I don’t have dogs, I do have a cat. She doesn’t require a groomer, but I’m thankful she lets me brush her.

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      1. Keurig is a coffee maker. They were the first to come out with the single serving coffee pods. They come in endless roasts (light, medium, dark), brews and flavors. As I type this I’m drinking Jamaican Me Crazy by Wolfgang Puck. It’s an Arabica medium roast coffee with coconut undertones. 🙂

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