Outcast’s Bloghouse Member List

Check out the new arrivals at the Bloghouse!

Jessica Bakkers

Welcome all to the Outcast’s Bloghouse – a place for all the non-cool kids of WordPress to hang out, chew gum, flick through comics and read bad poetry to one another.

Who are we? Find your illustrious and enviable members below!

halloween-1145367_960_720 Not actually us… we’re much better looking

Jessica Bakkers – CEO (Childish Evil Overlord)

Cathleen Townsend – Chief Defender Against Mythical Invaders

Davide Mana – Crusader of Knowledge and Pulp Fiction

Amy L Sauder – Creative Dreamer and Guardian of Ever After

Mohamad Al Karbi – Senior Accounting Expert and Giver of Endless Kindness

IWannaBeALady (aka Lyz-Stephanie) – Costume, Make-up and Choreographer Extraordinaire to the CEO

Stories4U (aka Ebony) – Rising Talent We Need To Watch Sky-Rocket

D Wallace Peach (aka Diana) – Most Senior Ranking Wizard-Writer and Deep Thinker

Millie Schmidt – Sister to the Muse Goddess Calliope

MainePaperPusher (aka Linda) – Dog Mom, Silly Auntie And Baffling Wife…

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