Thankful Thursdays

In an attempt to self-actualise and fight anxiety and depression I have decided to regularly post about something I am thankful for. This might be something small like chocolate or something on a far larger scale, like sunshine. 

Join me (or don’t) and comment on your own ‘thankful things’ in the comments section below! 

Thankful Things

This week I am thankful for showers, dogs and hairspray.



Oh boy am I thankful for showers. Not only does a shower help to scrub away night fuzziness or day weariness (I’m a twice a day showerer), showers also warm me up or cool me off. I’m a massive clean freak and I think if I could, I’d actually shower three times a day. I love the feeling of being squeaky clean. But perhaps the main reason I love showering is that they help my poor INFJ brain. Something about the combination of warm water, repetitive motions and having a moment with my brain alone (with no external distractions) means I come up with the best writing ideas / plots / dialogue / scenes in the shower, and usually the answers to life’s problems. My only wish is for a waterproof notepad so I could jot down some of my brainwaves!



I am (mostly) thankful for my dogs. Of course there are times they drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy (like when they “oops” in the house or won’t settle on my lap and keep circling, circling, circling) but on the whole, they’re great girls. But it’s not just my dogs I’m thankful for. It’s the blessing that the universe saw fit to bestow on human kind in the form of a wagging tail, liquid-love eyes and endless loyalty and devotion. They really are better than most humans. I guarantee that if I’m ever feeling shitty, seeing a dog will instantly pep me up.



If you have thick, wavy, wild hair you’ll be as thankful as I am for hairspray. This magical glue-goo is about the only substance that controls my hair. I do try not to use too much to avoid ‘straw hair’ but it’s about the only thing that can control my wayward fringe. Then there’s the fact that with a lighter, hairspray makes the best zombie deterrent! I’m deeply thankful for my makeshift flamethrower, er, hair tamer!


What about you? What are you thankful for? 

19 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. I love that you included showers in your list. Something a lot of people wouldn’t think of to be thankful for but definitely should be at the top of our lists.

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  2. Thick, wavy, wild hair…ah…sigh- if only I posted pics of myself you’d be laughing your head off. But I don’t use the dreaded hairspray. ..I think I’d look like one of Macbeth’ s 3 witches…😂😂

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  3. I have the crazy curly, frizzy hair too. I finally got sick of it and chopped it all off. So I understand the Hairspray thing!
    I think more than anything, I am thankful for dogs. They may not be perfect creatures, but I think they are as close as it gets!
    Nice post Jess! 🙂

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  4. I find listing the things I’m grateful for (even small) is really helpful in changing my mood. Hmmm. So to start my weekend, I’m grateful for my health so that I can walk or run in nature. I love your thankful’s above! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  5. I love how you include showers (I’m a twice a day showerer too), they’re definitely the place where ideas come pouring in! Now if only I can remember them once I step into the next room… 😆

    I like dogs too, though I’m more of a cat person. And I’m lucky enough not to rely on hairspray; I really don’t like their smell. 😅

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