Another bunch o’ chuckles from Down Under

Yep. It’s called ‘fairy bread’ and it’s bloody delicious!
Growing up in 80s cars, this was reality.
And the proper name for these are thongs.
This is EXACTLY how I learnt it.
Actual fire danger rating here in Aus.
Some folks have Rottweilers. We have crocs.
You’d know why if you’ve ever tasted Vegemite!
There are no words for this one!
Aaaaaand this is why you never go to the dunny with the lights off!
‘Straya. Stay classy.

29 thoughts on “Another bunch o’ chuckles from Down Under

  1. So funny!
    My favorite is the “one does not simply” (I’m addicted to those memes). And I remember the Old Men At Work song with the Vegemite sandwich lyric. When it came out, Americans were clueless. Actually, I’m still not sure I know what it is!

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    1. So, get a big bag of yeast, then mix it with really thick crude oil, add a massive bunch of salt in and that’s Vegemite 😁
      Actually, it’s pretty tasty… but you have to use the thinnest sliver on your toast or cracker because it’s sooooo strong.
      And yes, those “one does not simply” memes are the best. I have “one does not simply lie to an INFJ” as my iPad background!!

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      1. That’s absolutely terrifying. I don’t know how you do it, Jess.

        I love the fire sign. And the voting booths. And the guy looking at his flooded engine. Okay, they were all good. Except the creature in the dunny.

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      2. We call him The Huntsman. They’re pretty regular visitors in country houses. My folks made the rookie mistake one year of bringing a few logs inside overnight to have wood on hand for the open fire…… next morning the ceiling was covered in about fifty of them!


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