Guest in Jest #9 Jessica Bakkers

I was fortunate enough to be a Guest in Jest over at Linda’s fabulous blog. Take a peep if you dare!

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

G’day, I’m Jess from Down Under and I decided to write this whole post in ‘Strayan (that’s Australian).

Youse blokes reckon we speak English down here but you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, mate. Down under we speak ‘Strayan. When the pommes and yanks come over for holidays they look at us like we’re batshit crazy when we open our mouths. Probably because they only understand one word in ten but also because we let rip with a few ‘bloody oaths’… and worse! See, swearing down under isn’t quite the nasty it is overseas. Two mates will often refer to one another affectionately as “Aw, you sick c**t”. And if we’re unsure of something, we quite happily proclaim “Buggered if I know!” Even when we’re trying to be polite, swearing just pops into the Aussie drawl… “I’m busy as a blue-arsed fly today.”

But, no worries mate, we…

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14 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #9 Jessica Bakkers

  1. (I wrote the same comment over at Linda’s but i had to say again…)

    As I keep saying: YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE AUSSIE!
    I understood EVERY word, was laughing all the way through, but then -I am a bloody pom. Strewth!

    Soooooooo funny!!!!!

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  2. Alright, alright! Settle down! 😂

    I felt all clever and know- it -all -y that I got it all because all the Americans were so confused! Mwahaha! !

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