So I just had a random email pop up from a guy who followed my Skyrim fanfic 3 odd years ago when I wrote and posted it on SkyrimNexus. He messaged me to say he was starting to reread my series for the 4th time. The 4TH TIME! Holy hell!

Let me give you some backstory on this.

A few years ago, a game came out called Skyrim.

Skyrim is an open world rpg with limited storyline but amazing character customisation. I created many characters in my time playing this game, and like many other Skyrim fans, took screenshots of them and posted these screenshots on SkyrimNexus, a popular site for game mods. Anyway, as I dropped these screenshots on this site, I felt compelled to write a little backstory to explain who my characters were.

Gradually, the writer in me took over and I started a little story for my favourite character, a surly, handsome assassin named Rathe.

Well, then the writer in me went wild and before I knew it, I’d written a 100,000 word feature length novel, illustrated with scenes from the game.

I gained fans. I gained insanely vocal fans who clamoured for more Rathe. So I wrote two more 100,000 word novels about his adventures in Skyrim.

And then I collapsed in a heap and turned off Skyrim. I was done with it.

So now you can imagine my stunned surprise that here, now, 3 years later, people are still reading that old fanfic. Talk about validation as a writer. This message from this fan today means more to me than any publishing deal ever could.


NOTE: I’m kind of contemplating uploading the whole series here on WP but am concerned about copyright etc as it’s fanfic. Anyone know anything about how fanfic on WP works?

16 thoughts on “Validation

  1. Cool 🙂 so still your story is popular…I don’t know about WP (u probably can google and check), but I think if you’re telling a new story with characters of different names but familiar personalities, then you’re safe in the eyes of copyright.

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  2. So, basically, you’re saying that you have 3 full-length novels written that people love?!? Is it silly of me to recommend that you edit and publish them as a series? The stories are from your own imagination, right? Change the details that point to Skyrim, and go for it! Wow.

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