Some INFJ Madness

Long time readers will know I’m a big fan of the Myers Briggs Types Indicators and that I myself am a rare, delicate little stinging-nettle, otherwise known as ‘the INFJ’. I haven’t shared any INFJ funnies in a while, but came across a few while browsing Pinterest that I thought were too good not to share.

Like if you can relate fellow INFJs, and welcome to our weird world other types.

And one grammar related funny I couldn’t resist sharing!

17 thoughts on “Some INFJ Madness

  1. When I do the tests, the I is 90%, the N pretty heavy but the T/F is 50% and the J/P is about 50%, so I semi-relate… One thing though, that “You might be” meme – Number 3. really? yeah, the bookish nerd thing was fine, but the movie itself was awful…. And if anyone wants to argue, well, look at how the INFJ argues and that’s my answer 😉

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