Long weekend Monday here and I’m feeling pretty unfocused at the moment. After receiving some wonderful feedback on The Armageddon Showdown Book 1, Guns of Perdition, I now have some (more) editing and revising to do. I also have Book 2 WIP to continue writing (which is stalled at chapter eight), plus I’ve kind of started another writing project involving short speculative stories.

Problem is, I can’t seem to find the energy (or motivation) to focus on any one thing. Hoping this is just a dry spell and things will pick up.


16 thoughts on “Unfocused

    1. A lot of it (I think) is to do with The Day Job. It’s so exhausting at the moment and consuming much of my energy (and sanity). Maybe if/when that settles down I’ll get my mojo back.


      1. Bakkers, Bakkers, Bakkers…

        We’ve been friends a while.

        I feel no shyness in saying to you…

        That IS the problem!

        Grab your hubby and you know….(imagine sound effects and juvenile hand gestures HERE)

        Looooove yaaaaaaaaa!!

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