I don’t know if it was a visit from my Muse (who is definitely not as eye-catching as Staci’s) or just some good advice following an out-loud debate about the future of my writing, but yesterday I was able to sink some hours into editing my near complete WIP Guns of Perdition… and I actually enjoyed it.

The book is now nearly ready for its final voyage through proofreading (assuming I can find a good editor), and will then be ready for either a 2019 publication, or to be shelved for a few months while I get Book II into shape (still not quite sure which way to go here).

As I’m currently up to the proofread editing stage, I was wondering if you, dear readers and valued friends, know of any good editors out there? I’m not after content or line editing (my Beta readers were so incredibly thorough and wonderful, I’m happy with the structure, tone, POV, etc). I just need that final spit and polish.

Drop me a comment or an email if you can recommend someone.


12 thoughts on “Progress

    1. Thanks Jacqui – to me it makes sense to hold off only because I’m such a slooooow writer. I don’t want to George RR Martin my poor readers and leave them hanging for years!


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