WIP Progress and a Teaser

Managed a most productive day today. Achieved 4,000 words on the WIP – some of them half-decent words too!

This attractive fellow was the inspiration for today’s two chapters:

Image sourced https://imgur.com/gallery/vQlpv 

And here follows a little snippet of today’s adventures:

Though the light was dim, it was enough to illuminate the horrors within the hut.

Every surface was slick with blood that gleamed black in the gloom. The wooden walls were streaked with arcs of brown blood, mostly dried, though in some places, were still moist and glistening. The hut was devoid of almost all furniture. Instead, thick ropes hung from the ceiling timbers, with great iron hooks on their ends. Every hook was buried in a slab of meat that hung heavily on a slowly twining rope.  Most of the meat had been hacked, and sharp edged bones protruded from red, wet joints, but a couple of slabs had yet to be cut and cured…

…and they were still very obviously human.

The trio stood in stunned silence staring at the hanging mutilated bodies. The drone of flies hummed in Abigail’s ears, nearly as pervasive as the stench that cloyed in her nostrils. Using a part of her mind that needed cold logic to keep the horror at bay, Abigail quickly counted the hanging slabs. She lost count at a dozen, distracted as her gaze raked across the bloated blackened face of a little boy. His milky eyes bugged open, and copious maggots crawled out of his mouth and into his nose.

Abigail turned and vomited.


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