I’m Okay

Hello all! I was planning my return to the blogosphere later this month (and a less than speedy return to writing) after an extended break, when it occurred to me that my overseas friends might be concerned about my well being due to our country’s current status – that is, burning. Alright, honestly, it took a sweet email from one of my blogosphere friends inquiring as to my well being that prompted me to make this shout out;

I’m okay! The very, very bad bush-fires ravaging my beautiful country are a couple of hundred kilometers away from where I live. We are blanketed in smoke which makes breathing difficult, but we’re under no threat where I live (at the moment). It is, however, a terribly distraught time for our country. We’re all sort of sitting back watching it unfold in horror, wondering which part of the nation will be next.

As for me personally, my health (which is part of the reason I took an extended break over Christmas) is on the improve, but my writing mojo has gone. I know I’m going to have to ‘force it’ to get it back. My plan now is to implement the final changes suggested by my editor and make Guns of Perdition ready for publication, and then hit The Publish Button. Yes, Book II is still only partly written, but I want to get Book I ‘Out There’ as a means of keeping my motivation up, and because I’m running out of time to have my debut novel published (which is, by my 40th birthday in early 2021).

Regarding blogging – I will be making more regular posts in the coming weeks – the usual stuff; some funnies, INFJ posts, book reviews, and general observations. I will also be trying to catch up on some of my favourite blogs that I’ve missed… which leads to me to say, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and wish you all the best for New Year.

May 2020 be a great one for us all.

*I should also mention I’ve been hideously preoccupied with the time-sucking, all-encompassing, soul-wrenching entity – Red Dead Redemption 2… talk about eating up all of your time!

12 thoughts on “I’m Okay

  1. I’m glad you’re okay, Jess. I have another friend down under who has been wedging wet towels at all the exterior doors and had to duct tape the windows because of the smoke. She feared her area would be evacuated, but I think the worst is past for them. It’s just the smoke now.

    It’s so devastating what is going on in the Land of Oz. I keep praying for rain.

    So glad you checked in. Feel better and thanks for touching base to let us know you’re safe!

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  2. I’ve been watching the fires in Australia in utter horror, Jess. I’m glad you’re not in danger, but I feel so heartbroken for your beautiful country, its people, and wildlife. Thinking of you. Glad your health is good. And I know the writing will come. ❤

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