Finally Back in the Saddle

I finally found the time, motivation, and effort to do a little editing on Guns of Perdition today. Only seventeen more chapters to go and it. is. done.

I’m thinking of sending it off to a pro to complete the formatting, as it’s not a task I’m particularly keen to undertake myself nor, do I feel I have the mental energy left to undertake it. This book has nearly defeated me. Whether subsequent books will be as hard…who knows? Whether I’ll even WRITE subsequent books…who bloody knows? But, at least this one, dripping with my blood and sanity, will be Out There.

And now, to finish this post, enjoy a small snippet from today’s editing session I came across that I thought was quite lovely, even if I do say so myself.

Ruby shrugged. “I don’t know. But to even attempt such a thing, you’d better wait till the witching hours.”

“The witching hours?”

“The hours of the morning when darkness has bathed the land in an indigo blanket and dawn seems so very far away. The hours when old things rise from their graves and cavort beneath the stars. The hours when fresh milk curdles, dreams turn to nightmares, and babes cry in their cribs. These are the only hours the girls sleep,” Ruby said softly.

17 thoughts on “Finally Back in the Saddle

  1. Glad to see the book coming that much closer to release.
    Wonderful excerpt. I particularly love “The hours when old things rise from their graves and cavort beneath the stars.”
    I agree with Priscilla on the Gothic flair!

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