All in the name of fact-checking

My God, the things we writers research!

I caught myself today looking up mid-Victorian era menstrual hygeine.ย I had to stop for a moment and wonder ‘am I really looking up how women in olden days managed their periods? Yup, sure am!’

This got me thinking about some of the other things I’ve researched recently, such as:

  • How long after sunset will it be before a full moon is visible?
  • What does chewing tobacco taste like?
  • Synonyms!
  • How does a Nalusa Falaya stalk its prey?
  • Cajun exclamations
  • More synonyms!
  • Foibles of time travel
  • How was woolen clothing made in colonial times?
  • And, of course, yet more synonyms.

What about you? Anything weird and wonderful you’ve researched recently that’s made you think, ‘I’d better wipe this browser history when I’m done…’

22 thoughts on “All in the name of fact-checking

  1. Ha ha. I haven’t looked up any of yours beyond synonyms, Jess. But I have looked up ancient kilns, how to treat an arrow wound, the steps of human decomposition, and the weight of a 6-month-old pig. Lol. Yup. It’s an interesting thing we do.

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  2. How to preserve a rabbit’s foot using what they had on hand in the 1800s. How to train a wasp to attack a certain prey. How to inseminate a wasp for cross-breeding. Names meaning “warrior.” How to brew coffee without a coffee maker. Typical Chinese dress in the 1980s. And demon possession characteristics that masquerade as mental illness.:-)

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  3. I’m pretty sure if someone were to go through my searches, I’d end up on a list of some sort.

    I guess my weirdest would be: “which anaesthetics work the quickest” and “how to do spinal tap without doctors”.

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  4. I also research a lot of weird and wonderful things, Jessica. How Victorian women managed their periods might be good to know in the future, who knows how our lives with change going forward. I have been learning how to make vinegar and yogurt [for real life, not books].

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  5. Because I hadn’t fired a gun since I had left the service thirty years prior, I researched how 9mm pistols and Uzis work. Also with my first book, I researched a lot of heavy metal bands’ histories so I could get the right line-up at the right time.

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  6. It seems I’m always stopping to google something as I’m writing. Recently, I was doing a lot of research on men’s clothing in Medieval Times. I also remember spending an inordinate amount of time on sheet metal for an early story I wrote. Most of my detailed research is done offline through books, but it never fails that when I’m writing, I’ll have to google something in the middle of a scene.

    I like your list ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I’ve often said that about my browser history, lol. I’ve delved into quantum mechanics, weapons, how long it takes to die once your carotid is severed – just a few. Might make hubby a little nervous if he got a look!

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  8. Painting techniques, scientific names of plants, the scariest aquatic creatures, the underworld in various mythologies and some other things best not mentioned.

    We do lead an interesting inner life ๐Ÿ™‚

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