Is there a write time?

So, I’ve had a busy week publicizing the first installment of The Armageddon Showdown series – Guns of Perdition (my debut novel), and I’d love to say thanks to everyone who has supported my release!

But, aside from promotion, I’ve also been doing a bit of work on Book 2 – Sins of the Lamb. And I’ve discovered something interesting that you writer types probably already know about yourselves, but I’ve only just learned…there’s a better time of the day for me to write than at other times.


Mornings. I’m such a morning writer. The words flow like wine. The ideas are crystal clear. The muse stands behind me, hand on my shoulder, and constantly whispers in my ear.

Then…as soon as lunch is eaten, the wine turns into mud, the ideas become stagnant, and my muse dashes off for a quick round of golf with the boys. I haz the dumb.

While this is a great thing to learn – I can now try to plan my writing spells around mornings – it also makes it doubly hard now to write in the afternoons, because I’ve kind of given myself permission to not write in the afternoons.

well-well-thats-a-good-question-what-do-you-thinkHow about you? Do you find a time of the day more conducive to writing?

If so, how do you force yourself to write in the off-hours?

Or do you even bother trying at all to write in the off-hours?

Share your thoughts below! I’d love to hear from you.

24 thoughts on “Is there a write time?

  1. I’m a morning writer too, Jess. I used to get up at 4 AM so that I could get in 12 hours by noon. 🙂 That’s been harder lately with the time-consuming husband at home. Then I take the afternoons off to garden or read or exercise. The balance is good and sitting all day is terrible for the old bod anyway. If you’re getting 2800 words done in a morning… that’s great.

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  2. Morning works better as far as sticking to a schedule, but it’s rare for my words to flow like wine. For me, it’s about writing the thoughts however they fall and then slowly chipping away to find what sparkles.

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    1. Funny thing is, I suck at mornings at work. Maybe that’s because I have to “people” at work, but writing is just me on my lonesome. It takes a fair amount of time to steel myself up each day to be able to “people”.

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  3. Mornings are best… but I’m so lazy person I’m procrastinating until afternoon 😂 then … it is suddenly evening & nothing is done. That’s why I’m writing in bits* (it works for me, for now). I keep a notebook & laptop near (in the living/dining room, where Im spending most of my day time 😼🤨) & when Im getting 200-300 text or dialogue or idea – I’m writing it down. I mean Im dropping everything and writing it (cuz it’s short, takes maybe 5-7 min)…then I continue my life. Sometimes I write 2000 words like this ( I mean during day/ev). But usually I’m happy with 500. So far, during 6 days of July – 3100 words/

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