The Covid Blues

I ain’t had a break in over a year,

no end in sight, no holiday near.

Home to work, work to home,

my world has shrunk to this tedious drone.

Quarantine eating has added the pounds,

clothes stretched tight across my rounds.

Sure a face mask means no makeup,

but glasses promise a surefire fog-up.

My ass is widening from too much sitting,

takeaway dinners causing too much…emitting.

Temper frayed, patience waning,

doing nothing more than constant complaining.

There’s no mistaking, this ain’t no ruse,

I’m languishing within the Covid blues.

28 thoughts on “The Covid Blues

    1. It came to me this morning as I was juggling three layers of clothing (because it’s winter), with hand sanitiser and a fogged up mask. I cracked it and said “Argh” and knew I had to pen out my frustrations!

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