When Gore Is Required: Need a Washcloth?

Those of you who have read my book understand that I don’t shy away from gore in my writing. Charles discusses gore in writing in this eloquent post, and has some very poignant points to make about a bloody mess.

Legends of Windemere

I’ve had a few posts on gore thanks to War of Nytefall.  It’s not surprising since we’re talking about vampires here.  Limbs and heads have been removed. Bodies cut into various pieces with the mention of blood.  A few mentions of guts when an organ gets removed or damaged then regenerates.  In my opinion, it’s been fairly tame, but you never now how people will react.  I had people dislike the violence and gore in Bedlam, so it’s best to cover bases.

So, why would I be bringing this up again?  Well, Ravenous has a gore-dependency in it, but not in the way you would think.  There aren’t bodies getting shredded every few pages or blood getting splattered around for shock value.  It all revolves around Desirae Duvall’s main power, which is at the core of the story.  This isn’t a neat and tidy ability, so having her…

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