Using Omniscient Point of View

Great post by Joan (with some help from fellow SEer Staci) explaining about that tricky POV – omniscient. Pop over and take a look 😊

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today.

One thing I enjoy about writing for Story Empire is that I also learn new things. Several weeks ago, when I wrote a post about changing literary styles, I quoted from a book in which the author apparently tried to write from an omniscient point of view. However, it was distracting and read more like head-hopping.

Reader Jessica Bakers commented that she had struggled to understand omniscient POV. She asked if there is truly is such a thing or a case of multiple points of view with head-hopping.

I didn’t feel qualified to answer, but I decided to research the subject.

Staci and I were discussing this one day, and she summed it up nicely.

“Head-hopping shows the scene from a character point of view and jumps from one to another. Omniscient is like God looking down and telling us everything, even things…

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