A Brief Update: The Good, The Bad, and Two Uglies

The Good – my muse has been kind this week. Either my muse, or the nagging compulsion to get Sins of the Lamb out of draft format and into editing stage. Whoever was responsible, I’ve managed around 3,500 words this week (so far), and hope to sneak that up to 5K by tomorrow.

Inspiration behind the current ‘Part’

The Bad – The current ‘part’ I’m writing in Sins of the Lamb, is supposed to weigh in at around 15,500 words. Currently, I’m around 3 – 4 thousand over my goal. This has turned into a much bigger ‘part’ than anticipated. I’m going to leave it for now and see if editing or beta reading phases can rein it in. But, in the end, if it needs to be bigger than originally planned, I guess that’s what needs to be. That’s the plus about self-publishing. I hope to have a teaser relating to this ‘part’ to share over the weekend!

The Ugly – I could choose from two ‘uglies’ to write about here. The first being that I have upcoming surgery looming (Friday 18th September), which will put me out of action for a while. I mightn’t be around as much for a few weeks, and my writing schedule will take a hit. That’s definitely ugly.

Inspiration related to ‘Unnamed New Fantasy Series’

The second ugly is that I’ve found a new story idea worming its way into my brain…a lot. I’ve written this idea down, of course, but it won’t stay down. It keeps rearing and coming back to me. Begging to be written now. I’m fighting ‘Unnamed New Fantasy Series’, as I’m halfway through The Armageddon Showdown. I don’t need any distractions right now! But boy…is this new idea insistent!

What do you do when a new story idea looms? How do you tame the idea until you finish your current WIP?

23 thoughts on “A Brief Update: The Good, The Bad, and Two Uglies

  1. I hope your surgery isn’t serious? Lousy time to have any sort of surgery.

    And the new story–I hate when that happens. I’ve got one of those, too. It’s making me rush this current story which I don’t want to do.

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    1. Not serious, just a big recovery 🙂
      See, that’s what I don’t want to do, rush this current series to get to the new one. I think I just have to fully outline it then lock it away for a couple of years!


  2. Great progress! And don’t worry about the section that is bigger than you thought – especially during the first draft! It will end up right where it needs to be. And those new ideas! Aren’t they pests? I use them as an incentive to finish what I’m working on. They’re the reward! Good luck with the surgery and take all the rest time you need. We’ll all be here.

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  3. I hope your surgery isn’t serious, but take care of yourself first. The writing can wait. Your new idea can be a good thing. Consider it as a coffee break when you need to write down your idea. Take care, Jessica!

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  4. I haven’t done any writing in the past two months so you’ve motivated me to change that. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time so when I get an idea for another story, I try to jot it down or put it out of my head.
    All the best with your surgery, you’re in my thoughts.

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  5. Congrats on your progress with Sins of the Lamb, Jess!
    As for the new story idea, the same thing is happening to me right now, too. I’m made a few notes and keep tamping it down as I work on my WIP. That’s usually how I handle the “bright, shiny, alluring, write-me-now, new idea” LOL!

    I hope all goes well with your surgery next week. Take the time you need to rest up afterward!

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  6. Hope the surgery is no big deal, and that recover passes quickly. I have stories screaming at me constantly and have a few tricks. In fact, I’m going through it right now. I start with a storyboard. Making the index cards and adding notes is enough like writing to quell the urge to a degree. It’s also something I can do while life goes on around me. Writing requires silence. I tend to start a Pinterest board that I can rename later. I have a few of those for stories I haven’t written yet. I also have the ability to write two at once after I get rolling and find it, oddly, more productive.

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    1. Yeah, I think I’m going to take the time to outline Unnamed New Fantasy Series in some detail. That might help me to put it down for a bit and get back to the WIP. I have a Pinterest board going for it where I can dump inspirational ideas, but I think I have to do the actual outline to rest it.

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