Book Review – Nightmareland: A Horror Anthology

Nightmareland: A horror anthology with 23 stories from 14 authors (The Box Under The Bed Book 3) by [Dan Alatorre, Robbie Cheadle, Ellen Best, Kaye Booth, Daniel Alatorre, Alana Turner, Christine Valentor, Nick Vossen, Victoria Clapton, Anne Marie Andrus]You all know I have a horror bent (especially those of you brave enough to have read the first book in The Armageddon Showdown, Guns of Perdition). So, when I found out my good friend and fellow horror lover, Robbie Cheadle, had stories published in a few anthology series’ called Box Under the Bed, I rushed out to get my hands on a copy of one of the anthologies. Not only were Robbie’s stories terrific, but the other authors told terrifyingly delicious tales that chilled me to the marrow!

Compiled by award winning author, Dan Alatorre, the Box Under the Bed anthology I started with was called Nightmareland. The stories are bookended by Alatorre’s own short story(ies) focusing on Jessica (good name), who tries the new designer drug, Nightmareland, and goes on a wild trip into her own terrifying subconscious. The stories in the middle of these opener / closer stories symbolise her nightmares. Get it?

There are some stellar stories in this collection – I was particularly taken with the two offerings from Betty Valentine – and each offering heaps on the horror – be that psychological, beastie, or just plain weird horror. There’s something for all horror lovers, and plenty to keep you entertained (and scared stiff)!

I already have the next anthology collection on pre-order – Spellbound – and highly recommend this series to those lovers of goose bumps and frights out there!

22 thoughts on “Book Review – Nightmareland: A Horror Anthology

  1. I picked this one up too because I was interested in Robbie’s contribution. There were so many great stories and a lot of variety. I get creeped out by the “real-ish” ones, so Ellen Best’s “Be Scared” was a favorite. Congrats to all the authors on the wonderful review. Well done, Jess. 😀

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