Getting to Know You – What’s Your Sign?

We start to get to know one another pretty well here in our little community. We share stories that come from the heart, putting our purest, deepest selves down on “paper”.

But there are probably some basic things about each other that we don’t know – the sorts of things we’d probably tell each other in the first hour of meeting face to face. The mundane things. The usually boring normal things discussed over coffee at a Starbucks.

So, I’m going to ask you a few personal questions. Hit me up in the comments section, and share:

What’s your sign?

Hey Baby... What's Your Sign? - #caturday #pickuplines | Make a MemeNo, this isn’t some 1970’s pick up line. It’s not even about the horoscope (though for interests sake, I’m smack bang on the cusp between the sweetest fluff of the zodiac – Pisces, and the butt-crack insane serial-killer of the zodiac – Aquarius. Collective sighs of sudden understanding from my readers).

No, the ‘sign’ in today’s “what’s your sign” should actually be, what’s your type – as in Type Indicator. As in Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Note sure what this is all about? Check out this site for some info, and maybe you want to find out your Type. Check out this quick Free Test here. I’m not going to spend ages explaining this psychological profiling system; go look it up for yourself.

So, as long time readers will know, I’m an INFJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. I’m a rare complicated little snowflake, once described as a hard chocolate coating over a soft goey centre, with a hot molten core.

21 signs you're an INFJ personality type {told in pictures ...My Type are scary intuitive, we often get mistaken for psychics, but really, we’re just hyper aware. Of everything. EVERYTHING. This means we rarely get surprised, we can be pretty pessemistic, and we know everything about you within three seconds of meeting you. Don’t try to hide something from an IINFJ. It ain’t worth the bother.

Add an overdeveloped sense of Feeling to our intuition and we turn into walking skin sacks of empathy. You other Types can’t get enough of our empathy, and we give too much. We give until we’re literally exhausted. See, as well as being empathisers, we’re Introverts. This means we need to recharge by not being around people (or by being very selective about those we are around). So, we want and need to give of ourselves, but need ‘time out’ to recharge.

Image result for infj memes | Infj humor, Infj personality, InfjSounds complex right? Wait. It gets worse. Add to all that, a rigid sense of Judging (codename for wound tight perfectionism) and you have the most neurotic, spontaneous, loving, sarcastic, warm, apathetic, brilliant dumb ass you’ll ever meet. Do I sound like I’m being harsh? Yeah, well that’d be because we INFJs excel at that.

Seriously though, I love my Type. I hate being in my own head at times, but I wouldn’t swap the weirdness, the x-ray vision, the smothering feelings for anything in the world. Well…maybe for a night of unbroken sleep…

What about you? What’s your sign?

Let’s get to know each other!

45 thoughts on “Getting to Know You – What’s Your Sign?

  1. I’m an INTJ. When I read that description, it sure explained a hell of a lot and answered some question, lol. I’m also a Virgo, which never really fit. When they came out with that new zodiac sign, it pushed me to Leo – which is a better fit.

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  2. Jess, like you I’m an INFJ. The empathy thing really kills me sometimes, and any social gathering means I need at least two days to recharge. I’m also an Aquarius but I don’t know much about the zodiac. I always love (and can SO relate) to your INFJ posts 🙂

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  3. I am with you on the Aquarian side.. 13th… both my sisters are 18th and 27th.. so we are all around that quandrant.. I did the test and I came out as a Defender.. I have the whole test to read but the basics seem to be on the mark… quite useful to try out main characters to see if you can develop them further within their basic framework.. Terrific post Jessica…hugsx

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  4. I don’t know where this puts me on the Myers-Briggs, but my type is the one that flies into a rage at being forced to take the Myers-Briggs. (I’ve experienced some very, very, very bad staff “retreats” involving the Myers-Briggs.)


  5. As for Type, it would appear I am a Defender! Who’d have thought, though the explanations did sound pretty much like me, for the most part anyway.
    As for SIGN, my birthdate (28 Oct) says I am Scorpio, but what I have read of the traits of Libra, I feel as if I should be in there.

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  6. I might be your complete opposite. I tend to miss the world around me as I’m wrapped up in a thought, what I’m doing, one person. I’ve spent a good part of my life trying to shake that and have ultimately given up, accepted it as me.

    We could make an interesting pair, Jessica.

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