Guns of Perdition (The Armageddon Showdown Book 1) – A Review.

Wow, I am so super fortunate to have Guns of Perdition read and reviewed by Erik Testerman. Check out this review!!

Gunpowder and Ink!

In one word – WOW.

So, here’s a book review. I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these, although maybe I should more often. Because sometimes I come across books that simply rock.

And this book has pretty much everything that rocks. Gunslingers, Indians, Shape Shifters, Demons, Booger Monsters, and Poker Hands.

Did I mention Biblical Prophesy as the book name implies? Should have… because the FOUR HORSEMEN of the APOCALYPSE are in this book! And they carry guns!

As for characters – First off, we’ve got Grace, the anti-heroine. She carries a pair of guns named Justice and Mercy, and isn’t afraid to put a bunch of holes in things that get in her way. She’s callous, hardened, and chasing after the Darksome Gunman who murdered her parents, leaves a stack of bodies everywhere he goes, and is more than he seems. Then we got Jessie. The poor…

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