Getting to Know You – What’s Your Rage?

We start to get to know one another pretty well here in our little community. We share stories that come from the heart, putting our purest, deepest selves down on “paper”.

But there are probably some basic things about each other that we don’t know – the sorts of things we’d probably tell each other in the first hour of meeting face to face. The mundane things. The usually boring normal things discussed over coffee at a Starbucks.

So, I’m going to ask you a few personal questions. Hit me up in the comments section, and share:

What’s your rage?

What makes you really angry? Like, see through time angry. I’m not talking about when someone doesn’t indicate on a roundabout, or when you walk out of a hamburger joint and drop your burger on the ground.

Smiley, Rage, Evil, Sour, Funny, Red, Sweet, Cute, FaceI mean, what makes you really angry.

For me, it’s injustice. I guess that’s the INFJ in me. I cannot stand injustice, especially when its happening to someone other than me. Someone being taken advantage of. The big guy screwing the little guy. Someone getting diddled out of money. That kind of thing.

My INFJ sense of outrage fires up and I usually always jump into the fray (which is most often not my fight) and put myself in harm’s way for the little guy. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I don’t. But I just can’t help launching into the fracas. When I see injustice, I turn into Injustice Woman and can’t help but get involved.

And I think that’s the cause of a lot of my anger and depression at the world. There is so much injustice out there, I cannot fight it all. Every day we see news stories of the little guy being beaten down, trodden on, and it angers up the blood. It overwhelms. Then, it brings me down because what can I do? Not much except keep fighting local battles…and stomping injustice whenever I can.

What about you? What’s your Rage?

Let’s get to know each other!

29 thoughts on “Getting to Know You – What’s Your Rage?

  1. I am in complete agreement with how you feel. What rages you, does rage me as well. These all leads down to what really boils my bones – narcissists. Spiteful, evil, vindictive humans who prey on people’s vulnerabilities. They don’t give a shit about anyone, besides themselves. They lack any remote ounce of empathy, and to me, that’s just a horrible trait. A horrible trait, that is unfortunately found in many of our world’s leaders.

    I have been dealing with one for far too long myself. A quick rundown. My stepsons, mom’s live in caregiver. Yeah that was quite a mouthful. Little man’s mom has FAS, so she has to live in a support home. The woman she lives with, yeah a narc. She manipulates the mom, gas lights her. With the dad she plays games and makes her self the victim. She’s not even the mom, but she constantly needs control. Boundaries upon boundaries have been over stepped. She even has the child call her mom. I mean wtf your not even a legal guardian. She even goes as far as telling him that Santa isn’t real. Because SHE is a devout evangelist. It doesn’t matter what Mom and Dad want. What she wants goes. So sick of this woman.

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    1. That sort of thing is so rampant this day and age, unfortunately. Stories like this can be found in nearly every family. It makes me wish for proper family values like they had in the forties and fifties (without the misogyny). Sigh. It’s all so difficult.

      Thanks for sharing your story, and keep your chin up 🤗


  2. I’m with you. Maybe it is an INFJ-thing. I can’t stand inequity, particularly when it’s dolled out at the hands of bullies doing so with glee. That malicious intent and gleeful enjoyment? Can’t stand it. And God help anyone if my kids are the victim. I’ll take a lot of abuse if it’s hurled at me, yet I’ll stand up for pretty much anyone else. But you hurt my kids? Batten down the hatches.

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  3. It’s sad, because I’m fed up with humanity. It’s similar to your injustice. We should be honoring and promoting those who are solving the C-19 puzzle, but we’d rather put pop stars on the news or talk about what they tweeted ten years ago. Let’s not focus on someone who is literally improving our world, let’s talk about what sports stars think about the so-called news of the day.

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    1. Oh Amen to that!! Makes me so mad when Doctors and nurses (particularly nurses) work long hours for okay pay, then someone kicks a ball through an apparatus and gets rewarded with a multi-million salary. Where’s the justice in that?

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  4. My big rage is definitely intolerance. After all these centuries, people should have learned by now that others have different views on politics, religion and life in general and not everyone who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot. However, intolerance isn’t just about politics, religion or race or gender. I remember how much intolerance I suffered during 80s Reagan America for growing my hair too long. Now some say that it’s not such a big thing to cry intolerance over but intolerance is intolerance. I look at it this way, if you don’t tolerate someone’s hair style, then you might not tolerate their religion or skin colour and on and on and on.

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    1. Ooo, that’s a biggie. You’re right, there’s so much intolerance in the world. Even middle class white folk like me and hubby get some form of intolerance (we didn’t have kids so we don’t fit the perfect societal model). It’s like, unless you’re EXACTLY cookie cutter, you’re fair game. Sad.

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  5. One of my biggies is similar to Craig’s. There’s so much fighting, bickering, hatred, and finger-pointing going on in the world, and the media choose to focus on trivial things or stir up controversy. This is why I rarely watch the news. If folks could just come together and work on the problems facing all of us, just think what a difference it could make to so many.

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  6. Mine is kids, Jess. I just can’t stand it when children aren’t cherished…and to me cherished kids have access to quality food and shelter, education and childcare, healthcare, safety, a healthy planet, a life free of war. It just destroys me when grown-ups don’t care about children. Aaarghhh! You got me all wound up! Time to write my congresswoman again. 🙂

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  7. Mine is similar to Diana’s. I get a little crazy when I see anyone mistreat children. It is heartbreaking when you see someone you know would be fine if they didn’t live in such a dysfunctional situation. Along the same lines, the mistreatment of animals. We had somebody tie a dog to the telephone pole outside of our home and leave it there. Who does that?

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