Getting to know you – what makes me happy?

I often think of Robbie as my soul-sister because we share a lot of the same interests and relate well to one another. Well, to prove that again, here’s Robbie’s post – the yin to my own ranting yang – about what makes you happy. Check it out and pop a comment at the bottom to discuss, what is it that makes you happy?

Jessica Bakkers had the great idea of writing some post about herself to share with her blogily. Bloggers share a lot about their thoughts, ideas and passions through their blog posts, but they often don’t post much about their lives outside of blogging.

Jessica chose to write What’s Your Rage. You can read her great post here:

I decided that as its Friday night after a taxing and long work week, I will write about what makes me happy.

My garden also makes me happy. I have been enjoying it a great deal since we have been working form home for the past 8 months. I try to go for a 5 000 step walk around the garden at least once a day and I often take pictures of the flowers in my garden. We also have a peach tree, two plum trees, strawberry plants and a fig tree…

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