I’m Not A-mused

D. Wallace Peach shared a highly entertaining conversation with her muse, and invited us all to do likewise. I lamented that, sadly, my muse has gone missing. But, as I went on a desperate search for Mr. Muse, I began to wonder if he had indeed gone missing, or had he simply become neglected?

The house is in disarray. Furniture knocked over, the rubbish bin upended, clothes strewn from half-open drawers. And yet, I still can’t find what I’m looking for.

My muse. Mr. Muse. He went missing a few months back.

I know he’s in the house somewhere – I don’t let him outside. He’s an ‘indoor muse’.

He has a nice dedicated writing space. Comfy chair. The works.

So, why he ran off, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Maybe something to do with Covid? Something to do with an operation I had a few months back? Maybe he ran off because I wasn’t paying him enough attention. Yeah, I know. THAT’S the reason. But I can use Covid as an excuse… can’t I?

I flip over the couch cushions. Nope. Not there.

Sighing deeply I slump into the couch. My Xbox controller sits beside me on the coffee table. Maybe I’ll find him inside the Xbox if I just fire it up…

And maybe it’s that dang machine that made me disappear in the first place!

Wait! Who whispered that in the back of my mind? Mr. Muse? Is that you?

Silence now. Insolence. Loneliness?

Maybe this weekend I’ll forego playing Xbox and see if Mr. Muse chooses to show his face again…

35 thoughts on “I’m Not A-mused

  1. Just realised I have been guilty of this too… but the lockdown has such a lot to answer for, doesn’t it? Anyway, it was either that or insanity, and I know what my muse would prefer, if he was honest…

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      1. Maybe. She usually shows up when I’m between stories. There are quite a few that haven’t made an appearance lately. Doubt the raven, Lorelei, Red Herring the traveling salesman, the research sirens, the monster under the bed, etc. I should probably have some of them show up at the cabin.

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  2. Muses have a hard time competing with XBoxes. Lol. Good for you for doing a little muse-hunting. And at least you got a whisper. He’s around, waiting. Thanks for playing, Jess. let us know when Mr. Muse turns up! 😀 Hugs!

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  3. Well, Jessica, at least he popped in briefly. X-Box does have a horrible way of distracting people from the task at hand. My Michael is a testament to that comment. You are, of course, allowed a break from writing, so long as it isn’t a forever one [mutilated quote from Dirty Dancing].

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      1. TV games/X-Box and all the others are very addictive. I see this with my sons, their friends, and my nephews. It seems to effect males more, but that might just be my perspective of the world having two sons in an all boy school.

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  4. I am glad you could hear her whisper, a little neglect surely earns their wrath and yes, that box is the biggest distraction. Mine loves silence and patio. Happy writing dear Jessica, hope you have recovered.

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  5. Jessica, It’s not just a male thing (games playing, that is). Nor even a young person thing. I’m female and quite old. I went cold turkey because gamesvwere taking too much of my time. (I’m not sure it’s done a lot for my writing time, though. That time has been filled with social media, reading people’s blogs, etc.)


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