Update and HeroForge

Hello all,

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m in a poor state of mind at the moment, going through a major depressive episode (well, according to my psychologist anyway). According to me, I’m just fed-bloody-up.

So, I’m taking a break from writing and blogging, because these are tasks I cannot face when I’m like this. Writing and blogging take a lot out of me at the best of times, and I can’t give myself to them at the moment.

However, I’m still ‘creating’ in other ways. I’ve got an art/drawing project lined up (drawing is something I haven’t done in many years so I’m pretty excited to start it), and I’ve recently stumbled upon HeroForge – which I want to share with you all.

HeroForge is a fantastic website/service, that allows you to create custom ‘minatures’. For those not familiar with table top gaming and D&D, minatures are the little character representations people use when table top gaming. Using HeroForge, one can create very detailed minatures of their favourite characters…including characters from stories!

Never one to miss an opportunity, I created some of the characters from my debut novel, Guns of Perdition, and boy did I have fun making them! I strongly recommend all my writer friends check this site out, and have a go at making their own little characters!

So, without any more prattle, here are the characters from Guns of Perdition: