The Covid Blues

I ain't had a break in over a year, no end in sight, no holiday near. Home to work, work to home, my world has shrunk to this tedious drone. Quarantine eating has added the pounds, clothes stretched tight across my rounds. Sure a face mask means no makeup, but glasses promise a surefire fog-up. … Continue reading The Covid Blues

The Seven

Violent thunder clouds broil.  Pots and pans of the soul. Dark hearted, unclean. Turbulent. Unethical for greater gain. Heedless who it hurts. Slash and burn it all to win. Miasma. Heavy lidded eyes droop with despair’s dirge. Lacklustre, dull. Malaise.  Gorging on juices sucked. Flesh stripped to the bone. Sated and slaked. Bloated. Wanton acts … Continue reading The Seven

Something Fishy Afoot

Seven fish walked into a bar, In the middle of the night, And said “good morning” to a surgeon  Dressed in a pitch, black white. A purple spotted tiger, Languishing on a rug, Wandered over to a hat-stand, And gave it a big, yet tiny, large hug. The doctor asked the bar flies, “ O … Continue reading Something Fishy Afoot