I’m (mostly) back!

Well, it's been an...interesting...few weeks. There was a planned holiday disrupted by a crack COVID lockdown, a make-shift holiday to the local beach, a birthday ending with a zero, an incredible birthday surprise from dear husband, a huge medical emergency in the family, and an acute bad back (mine). There has been very little writing, … Continue reading I’m (mostly) back!

Book Reviews

Looking for a new read? Not sure what to try? Or maybe you want to see your own book 'up in lights'? Check out my Book Reviews page and get an idea what your next read might be, or see if one of your books has been read and reviewed by yours truly. I'm even … Continue reading Book Reviews

Book Review – Subject A36 – Teri Polen

I'm not usually a big reader of young adult fiction, but I'd read extracts of 'Subject A36', and could tell in the first few pages it was going to be a book I'd enjoy. And I was right. 'Subject A36' by author Teri Polen, is an extremely well-written story, set in a dystopian future/alternate timeline. … Continue reading Book Review – Subject A36 – Teri Polen