I’m (mostly) back!

Well, it's been an...interesting...few weeks. There was a planned holiday disrupted by a crack COVID lockdown, a make-shift holiday to the local beach, a birthday ending with a zero, an incredible birthday surprise from dear husband, a huge medical emergency in the family, and an acute bad back (mine). There has been very little writing, … Continue reading I’m (mostly) back!

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If you love this blog and don't want to miss a thing, you can subscribe via email! It's now easier than ever to subscribe with popups and a 'FOLLOW ME' button you can click on my homepage. Coming soon for subscribers will be quarterly newsletters and updates on the progress of my written works. Look … Continue reading Subscribe to my Blog via Email

Burning the Candle

Howdy all, I'm burning the candle very much at both ends right now. I've started my new job (manager of a retirement village with my co-manager and husband, Andrew), and am well and truly in the throes of moving house (it's a 'live-in' position). So by day I'm learning the names of 150+ residents, learning … Continue reading Burning the Candle