Guns of Perdition – Chapter Teaser

Guns of Perdition, The Armageddon Showdown, is now available for preorder. Want to know if it's for you? Sample some of the first chapter here: CHAPTER ONE Jessie was on his hands and knees picking up shards of glass when the batwing doors swung open, and a stranger strode into the Bad Hoss Saloon. As … Continue reading Guns of Perdition – Chapter Teaser

Twitter Pitching Event – #PitDark

This one nearly passed me by. Only by visiting the blog of fellow dark writer, Priscilla Bettis, did I notice she'd shared a link for upcoming Twitter event #PitDark. What is #PitDark? To quote event organiser, Jason Huebinger: #PitDark is the first and only Twitter pitch event to highlight literature of a “darker” nature. Importantly, … Continue reading Twitter Pitching Event – #PitDark