Finally Back in the Saddle

I finally found the time, motivation, and effort to do a little editing on Guns of Perdition today. Only seventeen more chapters to go and it. is. done. I'm thinking of sending it off to a pro to complete the formatting, as it's not a task I'm particularly keen to undertake myself nor, do I … Continue reading Finally Back in the Saddle

Are Writers Choosing Quantity Over Quality?

So, a particular Twitter conversation recently got me thinking. The Twitter convo was actually a poll, something to this effect; would you rather write 1000 decent words a day and be published every year, or write 100 outstanding words a day and be published once every 5 years.  No brainer, I thought. Who'd be happy … Continue reading Are Writers Choosing Quantity Over Quality?

A WIP No More

Oh my God! My WIP - Guns of Perdition - is finally finished! And it only took 3-something years! Ok, I'll admit it. If I realised it was only going to take me a solid day of writing to get the damn thing finished, I'd have done it last year. But I didn't. Now, I … Continue reading A WIP No More